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Complaints & Investigative Priorities

All complaints regarding the corrections system are important. However, due to limited resources, staff must prioritize which complaints result in investigations. OCO investigative priorities include:

  • Health, particularly emergent issues and denial of necessary medical care;
  • Safety, including safety from physical or sexual assault; and 
  • Rights of vulnerable or marginalized populations, including women, LGBTIQ individuals, and non-native speakers

If resources permit, additional complaints that do not fall into one of the above buckets may also result in an investigation.

Investigations can include interviews of staff and incarcerated individuals, document review, and on-site observations, as needed. Upon the conclusion of an investigation, the OCO must provide a public decision to both the incarcerated individual and the DOC. Regardless of whether an investigation is conducted or not, incarcerated individuals should receive a letter from the OCO indicating when a case has been closed and why.

The OCO staff work to complete investigations as quickly and efficiently as possible. In most cases, the investigation should be completed within 45 days. However, depending on the complexity of the investigation and staff resources, additional time may be required. We appreciate your patience as we work toward resolving your concern.

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