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May 2023 Facility Visits



OCO Staff: Zak Kinneman 


OCO Action:  OCO staff member Zak Kinneman made an unannounced visit to the Twin Rivers facility to observe conditions in the living units during the record setting heat wave.  The OCO spoke with residents in A, B, C, and D units noting concerns with the adequacy of the facility's response to the intense heat. 


OCO Staff: Zak Kinneman


OCO Action:  OCO staff member Zak Kinneman visited CBCC meeting with incarcerated individuals, the Superintendent, and other staff members.  During a tour of the kitchen, the OCO was able to observe a commercial baking class for kitchen workers being taught by a volunteer who provides baking services for a Pt. Angeles restaurant. 

OCO Staff: Zak Kinneman 


OCO Action:  OCO staff member Zak Kinneman visited OCC and had the opportunity to meet with the incarcerated individuals and some of their family members taking part in a Mother's Day event sponsored by the facility.     



OCO Staff: E.V. Webb, Jessica Means, and Kristine Dibble


OCO Action:  OCO staff met with a patient in the infirmary and conducted a walkthrough of the SOU Close Observation Area (COA).  The OCO also held a meeting with the MCC-TRU tier and medical reps as requested by incarcerated stakeholders at the April 26th OCO Quarterly Meeting.  DOC Health Services Leadership agreed to follow up with another medical rep meeting to discuss further medical concerns of incarcerated individuals.  


OCO Staff: Zak Kinneman 


OCO Action:  While visiting incarcerated individuals in the Cascade living unit, OCO staff member Zak Kinneman observed facility staff revive an individual who had collapsed as the result of a suspected drug overdose. The individual was promptly transported to an area hospital for treatment. It was later learned that the individual was released from the hospital and returned to the facility the following day.



OCO Staff: Zak Kinneman 


OCO Action:  During the Quarterly Meeting on April 26th, a loved one of an incarcerated individual at LCC expressed concerns about summer heat and what steps would be taken by DOC to keep the population at LCC cool and safe during periods of extreme heat.  OCO staff member Zak Kinneman traveled to LCC on May 1st to speak with staff about the LCC heat mitigation plan. 


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