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Internship Opportunities at the OCO  

We love student interns! We have a variety of opportunities for interns both local to Olympia and those further afield. 

  • Formerly incarcerated students wanted! We understand that formerly incarcerated people may face barriers to taking internships as internships are often unpaid. OCO will offer at least one paid internship per quarter for a formerly incarcerated student. If you are formerly incarcerated and interested in this opportunity, please email Angee Schrader.
  • The Evergreen State College students
    • If you are a student at TESC, come intern in our office! We are regularly looking for interns who can answer our hotline, speaking directly to the incarcerated population and helping resolve problems! You can also engage in policy research to make recommendations for improvement. If you are looking for course credit, the easiest way is to sign up for the SOS Community Resilience course and choose how many hours/course credits you want. If you want to intern in our office full time for full time course credit, you can establish an Independent Learning Contract with a faculty advisor. We even have a prior ILC that you can use as a template! Prior to either signing up for the Community Resilience course or establishing an ILC, please contact Stella Spracklin to set up a brief interview.
  • Students Outside Olympia

    • If you are outside Olympia, we still need you! In order to make the best possible recommendations for systemic improvement, we need research and to know national best practices. Recent research projects include looking at out-of-state-transfer waitlists, STG (aka gang) labels, solitary confinement, and more. If you are interested in a remote internship to conduct research for OCO, please email Caitlin Robertson, PhD


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