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Per RCW 43.06C.020, OCO assists incarcerated persons by (1) providing information to incarcerated persons and their families; (2) promoting public awareness and understanding of the rights and responsibilities of incarcerated persons; (3) identifying system issues and responses for the Governor and the Legislature to act upon; and (4) ensuring DOC follows relevant statutes, rules, and policies. We welcome and appreciate communication from incarcerated individuals, DOC staff, and concerned family members and citizens in Washington. 

Before filling out the form, please be aware that, per RCW 43.06C.040, the incarcerated person MUST file a grievance or appeal, as applicable prior to OCO opening a case, unless there is some reason that they cannot (such as a mental or physical disability). Please let us know if such a reason exists.

Second, while we appreciate the communication from external persons alerting us to concerns of the incarcerated people, it is ultimately the incarcerated person who has discretion over whether OCO opens a complaint on his/her/their behalf. Thus, absent an emergency, OCO's first action will generally be to contact the incarcerated individual and ask if they would like our assistance. If the incarcerated person declines or does not respond, and absent a reason (such as a mental or physical disability) that would impact their self-agency, OCO will not pursue the matter.

Please use the following fields to submit your complaint or concern to the Corrections Ombuds. Be as detailed as possible in explaining your complaint/concern, including listing any relevant witnesses or documents. Please be sure to include your PHONE NUMBER and/or EMAIL if you want a response.

If the complaint pertains to medical, mental health, or chemical dependency care, a signed release must be signed by the incarcerated individual and submitted to the office. The release (DOC 13-035) can be found here.

Thank you!


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