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Requesting OCO's Public Records

OCO works confidentially and keeps limited records of its work. Please review Chapter 43.06C RCW and in particular, the following key provisions:

  • RCW 43.06C.040: “(k) At the conclusion of an investigation of a complaint, the ombuds must render a public decision on the merits of each complaint, except that the documents supporting the decision are subject to the confidentiality provisions of RCW 43.06C.060.”
  • RCW 43.06C.060: "(1) Correspondence and communication with the office is confidential and must be protected as privileged correspondence in the same manner as legal correspondence or communication."
  • RCW 43.06C.060: “(3) The ombuds shall treat all matters under investigation, including the identities of recipients of ombuds services, complainants, and individuals from whom information is acquired, as confidential… All records exchanged and communications between the office of the corrections ombuds and the department to include the investigative record are confidential and are exempt from public disclosure under chapter 42.56 RCW.”

Requests for records can be sent to the following:

Public Records Officer

Office of the Corrections Ombuds 

PO BOX 40009

Olympia, WA 98504


Email Contact: Public Records Officer


Per the Public Records Act, agencies may charge to recover the actual cost of making and providing copies of records when fulfilling requests.

Types of Records

Record Format Description
Printed Records Photocopies of public records or printed copies of electronic public records
Electronic Records Public records in electronic format

Record Production Charges

Production Method Description Cost
Printed A per-page charge for photocopies or printed copies of requested records $0.15 per page
Electronic Scanned A per-page charge for converting a record from a printed copy to an electronic format $0.10 per page
Digital storage media or device Delivered on a OCO purchased portable storage device (e.g., CD, DVD, USB flash drive/thumb drive) Actual cost of digital storage media or device

Record Delivery Charges

Delivery Method Description Cost
Mail Delivery The delivery of physical printed records or digital storage media or devices Actual cost of any box or envelope used to mail the copies to the requestor and the actual postage or delivery charge
Electronic Delivery The transmission of public records in an electronic format $0.05 for every four electronic files or attachments uploaded to email, cloud-based data storage service, or other means of electronic delivery

Other Possible Charges or Fees

Charges or Fees Description Cost
Electronic Transmission Fee Fees may be applicable for records delivered electronically $0.10 per gigabyte for the transmission of public records in an electronic format or for the use of agency equipment to send the records electronically
Customized Service Charges Charges may be imposed if the request requires the use of information technology expertise to prepare, or provide customized electronic access services A customized service charge reimburses the agency up to the actual cost of providing the services
Deposit OCO may require a deposit An amount not to exceed 10% of the estimated cost of providing copies for a request, including a customized service charge


Payment Procedures

Per WAC 138-12-070, the OCO's payment procedures for charges and fees are as follows:

  • Requestors are required to pay for copies in advance of receiving the records.
  • Payment should be made by check or money order to the Office of the Corrections Ombuds. 
  • Responsive records may be provided in installments as allowable under RCW 42.56.120(4). Each installment must be either paid for or inspected prior to fulfilling the remainder of the request.
  • The OCO will close a request when the requestor fails within thirty days to pay for a request or an installment or for the required ten percent deposit.

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