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January 2023  = 4 completed facility visits 


OCO Staff: Angee Schrader, Caitlin Robertson, Heather Bates, and Zak Kinneman 


OCO Action: OCO staff members conducted cell front meetings with incarcerated individuals in the Intensive Management Unit during a Saturday morning, and later that day with residents of the G Unit in the dayrooms. 



OCO Staff: Zak Kinneman 


OCO Action:  The OCO did an unannounced visit and conducted cell front visits and opened new cases with individuals in the IMU. 


OCO Staff: The Whole Team! 


OCO Action: The entire OCO staff traveled to Washington Corrections Center in Shelton, Washington, to conduct our first quarterly meeting for stakeholders in a DOC facility for men. Attending the meeting were Tier Representatives from the residential units Cedar and Evergreen, leaders of cultural and community groups at WCC, members of the WCC executive leadership team, a member of the Reentry Division leadership team, and representatives from the DOC Engagement & Outreach Team. OCO staff reviewed the 4th Quarter 2022 results via a PowerPoint presentation that will be available later on the OCO website. Presenters discussed case resolutions and outcomes; reviewed case intake issues by facility; hotline utilization; and provided insight for the stakeholders into the OCO case intake, investigation, and resolution process. Stakeholders directly asked OCO staff, WCC leadership, and HQ staff questions and received answers following.




OCO Staff: Caitlin Robertson


OCO Action: The OCO Director met with WCC staff and people living at WCC to discuss preparations for the following day's public quarterly meeting. After prep meeting, met with the IMU CUS to discuss an unexpected fatality that occurred the day before in that unit.   

June - December 2022 = 49 completed facility visits  


OCO Staff: Sara Appleton & Stella Spracklin


OCO Action:  

OCO Staff: Chase Rapach & E.V. Webb


OCO Action: OCO staff met with incarcerated individuals as part of an ongoing series of visits in preparation for our January Public Meeting.  On this visit, OCO staff met at cell fronts in every pod of the IMU. Every individual who desired to speak with OCO staff had the opportunity to voice their concerns and those who needed it were provided with review request forms and/or self-advocacy information. Population concerns brought to our attention include: the issuing of property in the IMU, recreation time in the lower R's, Out of State transfer timelines, and the Securus tablet program.  OCO staff checked the phones in the gym for access to the OCO Hotline. Individual concerns received were entered into our case management system and assigned to an OCO staff member to review for next steps. OCO staff also mediated a conversation between a DOC Health Services Manager and an incarcerated patient regarding health services and housing concerns. 



OCO Staff: Zak Kinneman & Chase Rapach 


OCO Action: OCO staff met with incarcerated individuals as part of an ongoing series of visits in preparation for our January Public Meeting.  On this visit, the OCO staff met with residents in the Cedar living unit. We provided an open forum for questions, complaints, and requests for assistance in all the dayrooms of the living unit.  The concerns brought to the OCO attention were mainly about issues with the newly installed phone system, classification concerns, a lack of recreational access, limited programming opportunities, and language translation issues.  All concerns were entered into our case management system and assigned to an OCO staff member to review for next steps. 




OCO Staff: Zak Kinneman & Chase Rapach 


OCO Action:  OCO staff met with incarcerated individuals as part of an ongoing series of visits in preparation for our January Public Meeting. Today's meeting was held in the dayrooms of Evergreen and we met exclusively with the incarcerated people. Topics of concern were post COVID visiting issues, custody and classification issues, and individual health care needs. All concerns were entered into our case management system and assigned to an OCO staff member to review for next steps. 



Staff: Zak Kinneman & Caitlin Robertson


OCO in Action:  OCO staff met with cultural/community group leaders and tier representatives to listen and speak directly with incarcerated people and to prepare for our January Public Meeting. After the group meeting, OCO staff visited the Intensive Management Unit (restrictive housing). 


Staff: Zak Kinneman


OCO in Action: OCO staff went to MCCCW to investigate complaints about a lack of heat in one of the living units. The OCO staff toured the living unit, spoke with many residents, spoke with the plant manager and staff, and saw the temporary heating equipment brought in by the DOC being used in the facility. We verified that the interior temperatures are being monitored and logged daily and that MCCCW residents are receiving extra clothing and blankets if needed.    


Staff: Zak Kinneman


OCO in Action:   OCO staff followed-up in person on specific complaints for people living in Twin Rivers Unit. 

Staff: Zak Kinneman


OCO in Action: OCO staff followed-up in person on specific complaints and general concerns related to the wildfire evacuation.  

Staff:  Caitlin Robertson


OCO in Action: OCO staff toured the health services building, met with WCC Health Services Leadership, and spoke with many patients in the waiting areas. 

Staff:  Caitlin Robertson


OCO in Action: OCO staff observed the day-one DOC receiving process (people coming in from county jails; being processed through initial intake: physical and mental health and PREA; and receiving shoes, clothing, and minimum hygiene supplies). OCO staff also had conversations with many people housed in R4 and observed unit operations. 


Staff:  Zak Kinneman and Chase Rapach 


OCO in Action: OCO staff met cell-front with most people housed in IMU. Conversations were mostly about duration of time in segregation/isolation (many with 100+ days) and the AMEND project. We also spoke about health concerns and COVID quarantine/isolation. OCO staff did some intake of complaints and provided self-advocacy on-site. 



Staff:  Chase Rapach


OCO in Action: On-site investigative casework, including explanation of how we do our casework.. 


Staff:  EV Webb, Chase Rapach, Zachary Kinneman


Purpose: The first of two-facility wide planned visits with Health Care team


Outcome: Team conducted interviews in required full PPE with individuals in quarantined G unit.

Staff: Zachary Kinneman


Purpose: Checked in with individuals evacuated from Larch Corrections Center and transferred to Washington Corrections Center IMU.


Outcome: Cell front visits with individuals in IMU. Concerns about placement in R units at WCC, personal property accessibility and obtaining medications left behind at LCC.

OCO Staff:  Zachary Kinneman

Purpose: Interview individuals evacuated from Larch Correctional Center to Cedar Creek as result of Nakia Creek Fire in Clark County. Contact CCCC /Larch staff about evacuation issues.


Outcome: Incarcerated individuals shared concerns about EFV’s scheduled at Larch for coming weeks, potential losses of personal property and needs for clothing.

OCO Staff: Carolina Landa


Purpose: OCO visited the facility to participate in an informal mediation with an incarcerated person and the CPM.


Outcome: Incarcerated person was able to negotiate wanted outcome for themselves.



OCO Staff: Zachary Kinneman 

Purpose: Tour facility and meet with staff and individuals in the Reentry Center 

Outcome: Facility is undergoing an extensive renovation project to exterior walls and systems. Two resident wings are closeud during the construction project limited the total number of residents. 


OCO Staff: Zachary Kinneman, Carolina Landa, and Caitlin Robertson

Purpose: Tour MCCCW and meet with incarcerated individuals. 

Outcome: OCO Director and two staff members met with individuals in all units about ongoing concerns and current OCO cases. The OCO staff met with Supt. Miller and discussed facility trends and specific problems that DOC could immediately address. 



OCO Staff: Zachary Kinneman

Purpose: OCO visited the facility in response to numerous concerns raised by incarcerated individuals about Covid restrictions and practices via the OCO Hotline.

Outcome: Met with incarcerated individuals at WCC in their living units and provided information and assistance where appropriate.



OCO Staff: Zachary Kinneman

Purpose: OCO visit was part of a DOC sponsored series of visits to facilities with members of the state legislature and their staff.

Outcome: Toured facilities, met with incarcerated individuals in their workplaces, and attended presentation by Assistant Secretary for the Women's Prison Divsion, Jeannie Darneille, regarding the capital needs of the facility.

September 12 Facility Visits 

WCCW: September 30th 

MCC-MSU: September 28th

WCCW: September 25th

WSP: September 22nd

CBCC: September 21st

CRCC: September 21st

OCC: September 21st

CCCC: September 15th 

WCCW: September 13th 

MCC-MSU & MCC-TRU: September 7th

WCCW: September 7th

WCCW: September 1st

AUGUST: 7 Facility Visits 

SCCC: August 31st 

SCCC: August 30th

Brownstone: August 24th

AHCC: August 23rd

McNeil Island: August 9th

SCCC: August 4th 

WSP: August 4th 

JULY: 2 Facility Visits  

MCC-TRU: July 19th

SCCC: July 12th

JUNE: 8 Facility Visits 

WCC: June 21st

MCC-SOU: June 15th

WSP: June 10th

CBCC: June 9th

CRCC: June 9th

AHCC: June 8th

OCC: June 8th

MCC-SOU: June 3rd 







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