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Definition of OCO's Case Closures 

Intake Investigations

  • Administrative Remedies Not Pursued: The incarcerated person did not yet pursue internal resolution per RCW 43.06C.040(2)(b).
  • Declined: The OCO declined to investigate the complaint per WAC 138-10040(3).
  • Lacked Jurisdiction: The complaint did not meet OCO’s jurisdictional requirements (typically when complaint is not about an incarcerated person or not about a DOC action).
  • Person Declined OCO Involvement: The person did not want the OCO to pursue the concern or the OCO received no response to requests for more information.
  • Person Left DOC Custody: The incarcerated person left DOC custody prior to OCO action. 

Case Investigations

  • Assistance Provided: The OCO achieved full or partial resolution of the person’s complaint.
  • Information Provided:  The OCO provided self-advocacy information.
  • DOC Resolved:  DOC staff resolved the concern prior to OCO action.
  • Insufficient Evidence to Substantiate: Insufficient evidence existed to substantiate the concern.
  • No Violation of Policy: The OCO determined that DOC policy was not violated.
  • Substantiated: The OCO verified the concern but was unable to achieve a resolution to the concern. 

Unexpected Fatality Reviews

Monthly Outcome Reports by Year

The OCO investigates complaints regarding any DOC action or inaction that adversely affects the health, safety, welfare, and rights of incarcerated individuals. RCW 43.06C.040(2)(k) directs the ombuds to render a public decision on the merits of each complaint at the conclusion of an investigation. All cases opened by the OCO are considered investigations for the purposes of the statute. As of March 15, 2022, the OCO opens an investigation for every complaint received by this office. The following MORs serve as our public decisions.


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